Trademark Registration

As it appears in its name we are dedicated intellectuals and devotedly working for intellectual property rights. We do protect your brand name, innovations and creativities. We will share all the legal rights associated with these things with you. When you think about starting a new business or startup, we hold your hand from there and start walking with you. We help you to establish your business. Your trade name is the basic identity of your product and it recognize before the quality of goods. We are in your service with a very large professional network throughout the nation. Stay with us.



What can be a trademark?

A trademark is a visual symbol, which can be a word, name, device, label, or number that describes the identity of a business. A Registered trademark is an intangible asset for your business which increases the credibility of the business.

What is the trademark class or classification?

Products and services have been divided into a certain classification according to their uses. According to trademark rules There are total 45 classes.

What is the meaning of TM symbol?

Symbol TM indicates that you have filed the trademark application for registration.

What is the meaning of ® symbol?

Symbol ® indicates that your trademark is a registered trademark.

Can we file a trademark in different classes?

Yes, we can we file a trademark in different classes, if we have different types of goods and services also.


Our Goal


Trademarkwala is a flagship initiative of the Lawmitra LLP, intended to build a strong business environment for budding business in the country, that will develop their own business image among all the competitive business. We the trademarkwala dedicatedly working for instantly business establishment, right from the incorporation to brand security.