Brand Security


Trademarks never end. Your trademark will not expire unless you voluntarily stop using it. Some registered trademarks in India are more than 100 years old. It takes a lot of time and effort to establish any new brand or trademark, so the overall reputation of your business is tied to your brand name.

It is very difficult to sell any kind of product in the market at high price, without an attracting brand name. People like to buy and use branded products. Customer's faith and feelings remains associated with brand name.

Therefore, any brand name should be checked properly before applying it for registration. This must be ensured before the trademark registration process that no such similar or exact trademark is not available on the record of registrar.

If any of your similar trademarks are registered on the record of registrar of trademarks than you should not go for registration. In that situation, the registrar can refuse to register your brand name.

After registration of your trademark, you must ensure that no one else is using your trademark or similar name. If this happens, your business reputation may be tarnished and you may have to lose a lot of business.

At any case, we help you to choose the appropriate brand name for you and also take responsibility for the complete security of the brand name after registration.