What can be a Trademark?


Name of a Product
Pepsi Coca cola

If you a product with a brand name that it must be registered as a Trademark. The name of your product is its identity, therefore it is mandatory to register it so that no one else can copy your product name.


Service Mark

The Name of your Business is a service mark. A service mark used to identify your services and it is different from trademark. Only services are included in this category.


Shape of Goods

If the shape of your product is unique and your product can be identified by looking at the outer shape of your product, then it should be registered with the trademark. Be remember, one can also identify the product on the basis of its packaging or shape of goods.


Pattern of Product

If a company manufacture a certain type of pattern product and that becomes the identity of manufacturer than it must be registered as a trademark. Although it is a subject of design act but we can register it as a trademark.


Collective mark

A collective trademark is a composition of letters, words, designs, names and device etc. Generally collective mark owned by an organization, institution or union and their members or employee can use the mark as significance of such institution. It can be used on the documentation related to the institution.


Sound Mark

If a business identified through their tune or sound than it can be registered as a trademark. A sound mark is a non-conventional trademark. Here sound performs the trademark function of uniquely identifying the commercial origin of products or services. For an example; Britannia Industries (Four note bell sound), Kingfisher’s tune (Oo La La La Le O song).



If a particular color or group of colors becomes the identity of a product or business, then it must be registered with the trademark itself. For an example UPS has a typical and specific brown color and it’s a brand identification of UPS.


Word Mark

An invented word or group of words that identify your business or your product must register a trademark. After registering with Word Mark, you can use it in any font or color. Once registration is granted for a word trademark, the applicant has the right to use and represent the word in any format or font or color.


Numbers as Trademark

The numbers can be registered as a product name and the product must be identified by the specific numbers or group of numbers. For an example 555 soap and 99 acers dot com.


Device Mark or Symbol Mark

Device mark protect the looks which can be combination of images, letters, words, design and numbers taken together which appears in specific color, design, font and style. A Device Trademark can also protect a design or appearance that does not contains words letters or number.


Product dress

If you use a particular type of packing for your product that has become the identity of your product, then the packaging should be registered with the trademark. This will help you prevent the packaging of your product from being copied.